Spectra Melangers - wet grinders / stone grinders for chocolate manufacturers, bean to bar chocolate makers and Nut butter enthusiasts.

Since 2001, Spectra melangers have served the needs of Chocolate Manufacturers, Bean to Bar Chocolate makers, Nut Butter enthusiasts with quality appliances. Over the years, Spectra have brought several innovative ideas and trends to the melanger industry, enabling them for use as chocolate grinding machines. Spectra’s amazing melangers can be used as cocoa grinders, almond grinders, nut butter grinders, tahini grinders and many more.

Batch size between 1 kg to 26 kg
Optional Speed Controller
Granite wheels and base

Which Melanger / Wet grinder is right for you?

Perfectly ground every time with our wet Grinders! making Bean to Bar chocolate & nut butters is a straightforward process using our purpose-designed machines. Creating your own product line will allow you to establish hugely increased profit margins. You will also enhance the ‘Halo Brand’ aspect of your business. 

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