Spectra Stone Grinder

Using the robust, high-quality Spectra machine you will produce healthy, fresh nut and seed butter that will retain all the valuable essential enzymes and nutrients of the ingredients, using a simple process that will require no need for prior roasting or additional oils.


Which Stone Grinder Machine is right for you?

Professional high-quality smooth nut butter with a Spectra stone grinder.

Produce smooth, creamy, melt  in your mouth nut butter easily, with our high quality, professional nut grinder. 

The slow grind process of our selection of nut grinders allows all the valuable enzymes and nutrients of the nuts and seeds to be retained in your nut butters, making them a much superior choice to many store-bought nut butters which are produced using high-speed processing methods.

The nut butter produced from the Spectra machine is nothing like the nut butters you buy in a jar at the store that are processed with high speed processors. In addition, the grinder can be used to make chocolate from cocoa beans, stone ground Mustard and more.

Peanut Butter
Stone grinder

Stone Grinders for Chocolate, Nut butters and other food processing. Batch size between 1 kg and 30 kg with or without speed controller. Granite wheels and base make our stone grinders a robust, quality addition to your creative culinary process.

With features such as a Granite grinding stone, an easily detachable stainless-steel drum, and a powerful motor with thermal overload protection, a Spectra machine will be a quality addition to your creative kitchen.

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